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Thanks for visiting Monochrome Venice!  A website run by Andy Parker dedicated to Venice and the surrounding islands, landscapes and waterways, captured through black and white, monochrome photography.  Here you can view the latest posts, follow news about exhibitions, browse the galleries and together we can explore the streets, the canals and the lagoon throughout the changing seasons. 

Here a few examples of my personal favourites which I have taken over the years.  Many of these have been featured recently in exhibitions in Venice, including 'Caigo - Venetian Fog' which were on display at the Kunst Depot in Venice, in February 2024 and also as part of 'Time & Tide' which is currently on at the Laguna Libre EcoRestaurant and Jazz Club in Cannaregio, Venice.    Prints of these and others are available to buy, so please check out the gallery & shop or contact me for details. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you can join me on my photographic journey of Venice seen though my camera and through my eyes.  AP 

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