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Venetian Wanderings - May 2024

May this year has seen some extraordinary weather with intense downpours, thunderstorms and acqua alta (high water floods) dominating. Although inclement weather is not entirely unusual at this time of year, the intensity and duration has definitely been extreme. So, many images this month reflect the rain….

But it did allow for some creativity and an attempt at some iPhone macro work.

Another Venice theme I’ve been exploring however, has focussed on the ‘tunnels’ and pathways that run under buildings and alongside canals. These ‘sotoporteghi’ are fascinating places culturally, architecturally and photographically, as well as being uniquely Venetian. I feel the start of a project coming on, so watch this space whilst I trawl through the archives and get some fresh shots.

And just to finish, here are three random scrapbook shots I’ve picked up on my wanderings: drying some essential washing between storms; looking behind the scenes (again) at OVS clothing store and a creative selfie.

Thanks for looking! AP

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