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As a storm of Biblical proportions hits Veneto and the historic centre of Venice on the evening of 16 May 2024 I managed to catch a few shots of the event on the iPhone. Incredible scenes where the calle (streets) instantly became rivers, the campi (squares) became lakes, and the canals disappeared as water levels rose. No wonder the seagulls went crazy. ☔️

A brief respite in the archways of Rialto provided opportunity to use the reflections from the encroaching waters for some artistic distraction, but it was an event both thrilling and scary in equal measure. The forecast is for more, so is this a warning of the severity of what’s to come? #climatechange ☔️

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  • Writer's pictureAndy Parker

Many thanks to @lagunalibre for hosting my current photography exhibition ‘Time & Tide’ in Venice and also to Redeye: The Photography Network @redeyetpn for listing the exhibition on their website.

On until the end of June 2024, ‘Time & Tide’ is a snapshot of Venice and its lagoon through the different seasons. To see more, check out my previous post:

Laguna Libre is a beautiful Eco-Restaurant and World Jazz Club being a point of reference for Venetian cuisine and culture located in Cannaregio, Venice. It is also a hub for photographers and artists to display their work:

Redeye is all about networking, support and information for photographers or anyone interested in photography. Check them out on instagram, facebook and YouTube, and see the full listing on their website:

Thanks for looking! AP.

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  • Writer's pictureAndy Parker

A combination of intense sunlight and reflection through the windows of the vaporetto (water bus) stop, as the boat pulls into the jetty. Natural layers, juxtaposed into frozen moments make intriguing abstractions. Venice, Italy. May 2022.

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