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A snapshot of Venice in the month of April 2024. Still plenty of rain, but some sunshine allowed for a few interesting reflections, but the start of the 2024 Art Biennale has also attracted an interesting mix of exhibits and people. Some iPhone images, but the collection here was mainly shot using the Fujifilm XE3 with a 18mm f2 lens, which has been the favoured tool this month.

My exhibition ‘Time & Tide’ at Laguna Libre in Venice officially opened this month, and is on until the end of June, so please check it out! Here’s an idea of some of the images on show and for sale - all printed and framed at 50x70cm - please also see my previous post for more details:

More news and a another potential collaboration coming up in May, so stay tuned and thanks for looking! AP

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Following an intense downpour over Venice, the resulting puddles left perfect reflecting pools in Piazza San Marco as the sun reappeared. Another great example of April light and shadow, this time set against a dynamic sky. April 2024

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In Venice the April light is great for getting sharp, clean contrasts between light and shadow highlighting the geometry of the street. It becomes even more intriguing when combined with reflective surfaces of the quiet backwater canals so it often pays to look down to look up! This is a triptych series taken on iPhone and shooting directly in square format. Venice, April 2023.

Don’t forget you can also buy prints of my work by visiting the gallery & shop page! 🙂

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