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Inspired by the modernist photographers and photojournalists of the 20th century, and the timeless quality of film, Monochrome Venice is an evolving photographic project by Andy Parker,  attempting to capture the essence, soul and atmosphere of Venice in north-east Italy.   A unique, contemporary city yet seeped in history,  it is surrounded by nature and exposed to the elements,  but Venice is additionally pitted against the global challenges of the 21st century, especially tourism and environmental change which inevitably create tension with the status quo.  ​By creating his images Andy therefore attempts to capture snapshots of a city in constant conflict between the old and the new. 


Reflecting the streets,  island-life and the lagoon, in black and white, to strip away the tourist veneer, an alternative view to the stereotypical picture-postcard representation of the city is the aim. ​  However, this project is also considered a journey, and one which you can follow via instagram (@monochrome.venice) or by checking-in to this site which is updated frequently.


Many images are additionally available to purchase as downloads or prints, allowing you to have a taste of Venice for yourself.  And, of course,  collaborations with other artists and creatives are also welcome, so please contact for more information and details.

Portrait of the Photographer
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