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A Visual Diary of March 2024

Here are a few shots from March 2024 which may be considered a visual diary of what was catching my eye. Although all shots were processed the same (through Abode Lightroom) shots were taken on a mix of iPhone (first set), as well as the Fujifilm XE3 with 35mm lens, and also on my old Fujifilm XT2 with manual 28mm and 50mm Pentax lenses (second set).

The XT2 still takes a good shot, even though the rear screen no longer works! But that just adds to the analogue feel as you can't see what you've got until they've been uploaded onto the laptop. But I liked being forced to slow the process down and make each shot more considered. This is something I keep coming back to, so April may see more images shot in this format.

Quite an eclectic mix as usual, lots of rain (i.e. umbrellas), some sun and a few quirky moments, but overall a few familiar themes featuring light, shade and reflection.

So, let me know what you think... any favourites?!

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