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Fish Market

Today's tour takes us around the famous Pescheria (Fish Market) located at Rialto.  Set in a Neo-Gothic open-sided building that is adjacent to the Grand Canal, the Rialto Fish Market is undeniably a tourist hotspot, and photographed incessantly. Nevertheless it still makes an interesting subject, especially in monochrome, given the light, textures and characters one can find.  Photographically it also provides opportunities for creating sequences and stories and to adopt a documentary or reportage approach.

As the market it's inevitably busy and difficult to stay in one place for very long, it's usually best to work fast with the camera in autofocus and aperture priority mode. To isolate individual elements, many of these following shots were taken wide open with the Fujifilm XT2 mirrorless with a 60mm f2.8 portrait lens which allows shooting fast in low light conditions for candid portraiture.

Rialto Fish Market (March 2022). Fujifilm XT2 60mm f2.8

Rialto Fish Market (March 2022). Fujifilm XT2 60mm f2.8

Rialto Fish Market (March 2022). Fujifilm XT2 60mm f2.8

A previous visit used a wide angle lens (Fujifilm 18mm f2) to capture an environmental portrait, including the impressive foreground swordfish and as much of the market as possible.

Rialto Fish Market (March 2013). Fujifilm XT1 18mm f2

The Fujifilm XT2 mirrorless 60mm f2.8 portrait lens also offers a macro function, to hone in on some of the textures.

Rialto Fish Market (March 2022). Fujifilm XT2 60mm f2.8

And then, after its all packed away, the clean up begins which offers a visual contrast to the hustle and bustle of the previous few hours. AP.

After the Fish (March 2014). Canon Powershot G15.

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